Profits Up 27%

Nestle India Q4 shows a robust profit jump to ₹934.17 Cr, marking a strong quarter.

9% Revenue Boost

Revenue climbs to ₹5,267.59 Cr in Q4, a significant 9% increase YoY.

Q3 to Q4 Leap

Q4 profit grows 42.4% from Q3, with a 14% revenue spike. Nestle forges ahead..

Expanding Alliances

Nestle's joint venture with Dr Reddy’s to innovate from Q2FY25 onwards.

Dividend Decided

A hearty ₹8.50/share dividend was declared, pending final shareholder approval.

Bright Horizons

With Kitkat triumphs & Nespresso entry, Nestle India gears up for vibrant growth.