Swiggy Ready for IPO!

Swiggy transitions to a public company, preparing for a major IPO in 2024. The shift signals growth and investor readiness.

Source: Livemint

Renamed for Growth

Swiggy, now ‘Swiggy Limited’, plans to file for IPO, aiming to raise about $1 billion. A strategic step towards market expansion.


IPO Trend in India

Swiggy's IPO move echoes the trend of Indian internet companies like Ola Electric (awaiting IPO) and Mamaearth’s Honasa going public.


Brand Reinvention

Earlier in 2023, Swiggy renamed itself from ‘Bundl Technologies’ for stronger brand recognition in the food delivery sector.


Sharpening Finances

Pre-IPO, Swiggy focuses on financial health, reducing losses, and optimizing its Instamart division’s performance.


Financial Snapshot

Swiggy’s recent financials: $207M loss on $1.02B revenue (9 months ending Dec ‘23). A strategic push to profitability is underway.


IPO Horizon

Swiggy's upcoming IPO marks a key milestone. A billion-dollar ambition setting the stage for its next growth phase.